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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Oranges at the Hardware Store?

Last week, I had such a taste for oranges. I decided to buy some, so I drove to a hardware store. It appeared to be a well-stocked shop. All the shelves were full, but I looked all over the store and couldn't find any oranges.

Finally, I asked the man at the counter where they kept the oranges. You wouldn’t believe the look he gave me. It was like I was crazy, or something! I walked out of there feeling angry as well as pretty disappointed that I still didn't have any oranges.

A few days later, I was thinking some fresh squeezed orange juice would be a wonderful way to start my day. I decided to try again. I left my house with confidence that this time I would get what I needed.

When I walked into the hardware store, the man behind the counter gave me a tight-lipped look. He watched me suspiciously as I perused the aisles. I ignored him and continued to search for those oranges. Can you believe it? I could not find one orange anywhere in that store!

I was feeling nearly furious at this point. I went to the man to give him a piece of my mind but he just stared at me blankly as if he had no idea what I was talking about.

All that day and the next I wandered around my kitchen, turning up my nose at everything in the pantry and fridge. I opened a yogurt but I sure didn't enjoy it. All I really wanted was an orange. I stormed inwardly at the stupid man behind the counter, calling him every name I could think of. What was his problem, anyway? Why was he looking at me like I was crazy?

Then, yesterday, I went back to the hardware store again. I glanced around, seeing pliers, plumbers’ helpers, and every size nail one could imagine, but still no oranges. In a fit of rage I started tearing the place apart. I raged and rightfully so! All I wanted was one stinking orange and this guy wouldn’t give me even a segment!

As the policed pulled up, it finally dawned on me… This guy doesn’t have any oranges to sell. This kind of store simply does not carry oranges. It doesn’t mean it’s a shitty hardware store, only that they don’t carry oranges.


For over fifty years, I’ve been going to my mom in search of things she doesn’t have to give. There are other places I can go to get these needs met, so I think I'll stop going to the hardware store for oranges.

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