************************************Denial covers the pain of the past * A blanket over the world * Lift a corner * Don't be afraid * Your life awaits you*************************************

Thursday, August 14, 2014


Worry whispers in my head
Of ancient rubs, rank raw and red
Of dizzy dreams that haven’t slept
And promises that won’t be kept

I wander through her murmured tones
So much aware I am alone
So certain I will always be
In Worry’s wretched company

It matters little, wrong or right
Or left within or out of sight
Worry whispers what she will
And anxiously I listen, still

Co Creation

Co Creation
We create the life we live

Love your inner child...

...for she holds the key...

...to your personal power.
A lesson is woven into each day.
Together they make up the tapestries of our lives.