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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Evolutionary Soup

(My experience during the eighth Generation One class - an intensive with Barbara Marx Hubbard. We were working on Code 36:

Guide the Metamorphosis of Your Earthly Self with the Coding of Your Universal Self.)

I closed my eyes, noticing the rush of excitement. Only a few times had our group of five attempted this kind of connection. On my own, I’d been a frequent visitor to that space which some called The Field. Making the voyage with others—beyond breath, beyond the darkness of closed eyes—was a relatively new experience. Each time, it seemed to get easier and the joy within greater.
A breath.
A breath.
Be open
A breath.
Whatever comes is exactly right
Despite my attempts to drop expectations, I found myself watching for the glimmer I’d seen before, and indeed the darkness did seem less absolute.
Another breath. A single blue line… and then another… and then a whole horizontal grid appeared just above my head.
Another breath. The azure web stretched beyond perception. I felt myself rising up, pushing into the blue lines, which folded over and around my head like an intangible net.
As I continued to rise into the grid, I saw it stretch at four other points as spheres rose up nearby. As each sphere stretched into an oblong, the net seemed to stretch and strain as light poured out. In the bright illumination, I saw the faces of the others.  Our five points of light were the angles of a star. The space between us was extremely bright and getting brighter as we continued to rise. Necks, shoulders, arms and bodies pushed up through the grid. By the time my legs and feet emerged, the light was so intense I found myself squinting even though my eyes were still closed.
I could hear the breath of the others. I felt energy all around me. Together, we seemed almost infinitely vast but also I was aware of how tiny I was within the endless Field. I put one hand on my heart, pulling the energy into that place that seemed to hold the physical essence of me, and extended the other hand out towards the other points of light. Powerful waves ran through me and outwards, connecting me to the others. We were five distinct beings and yet we were one.
“There’s movement… just wave after wave of pure love,” came from one point of our star.
Laughter poured forth from another. “It’s so bright!”
A third said, “I’m like a drop of water in this vast ocean—separate, but part of the whole.”
It wasn’t the first time I was reminded of the Five Elements—Water, Fire, Wind, Earth and the Void—and mused to say so and then to explain, “Movement is like Wind. Bright light is like Fire. And the drops of water are of course, Water.”
A little later, I asked, “If you three are Wind, Fire and Water, then who is Earth and who is the Void?”
Our fourth star-point chuckled. “I’m Earth,” he said, definitively.
“Ah,” I said, smiling. “Then I am the void.”
It seemed we’d joined hands across the miles that separated our physical forms. Love, joy, peaceful connection and calm reassurance blended into one emotion as we simply existed together. There was a long pause. In the silence, I thought of the nothingness of the void and the familiar sense of paradox crept in.
The void, which it seems should be nothing at all, holds the promise of everything. A moment before the Big Bang, the Universe would have seemed empty, but within that nothingness was everything that has ever been. In the void, all things are possible.
And then, suddenly, a wave of something else. Something… insistent.
“Does anyone else feel that? A shift? Like a sense of…urgency?”
 “Can you talk a bit more about that?” asked Wind.
“I don’t know… I just had the strangest thought. So strange, but I feel like I should say it. I felt as if I was a simmering broth just waiting for the perfect ingredients to create… something amazing.”
Fire said, “Put all the ingredients together into the void and you’d get… Evolutionary Soup!”

Light and joy and laughter came along with murmurs of  Evolutionary Soup. The time had come to step back from the squint-bright darkness, the sense of urgency, and the immeasurable joy of joining in the Field. That night and the following day, the physical world had many requests of me, but now, in the silence of another evening I wonder at the memory of that lovely blue grid, the infinite star, and the urgency of evolutionary soup.

Co Creation

Co Creation
We create the life we live

Love your inner child...

...for she holds the key...

...to your personal power.
A lesson is woven into each day.
Together they make up the tapestries of our lives.