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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Common Voice - Expressing the Global Awakening Heart

Do you feel the blowing winds of change?

Have you felt as if there is more going on than what you see in your everyday life?

Have you wondered if we could resolve a potentially cataclysmic event without the help (or interference) of any government, organized religion, or corporation? 

I have. 

For as long as I can remember I’ve sensed an imminent shift. To me, it’s felt as if humanity was on the verge of an enormous impending change and I’ve longed to find others who felt it, too.
Coming across the concept of Conscious Evolution I felt as if I’d found the X on the treasure map. As I dug deeper, I found a global community who believe we are ready, as a species, to evolve to the next level. Not only do they have a vision of a viable future for humanity, but they have an idea of how to get there. These people are committed to evolving themselves and connecting with each other in order to create the world they envision.

In Barbara Marx Hubbard’s book, “52 Codes for Conscious Self Evolution,” she offers a path to follow through this personal progression. The subtext explains that this is “A Process of Metamorphosis to Realize Our Full Potential Self.” The codes are Ms. Hubbard’s personal insights channeled from her own highest level of consciousness.

What I’ve realized is that the hidden treasure I’ve been searching for is inside me. Developing my highest potential self is the key. Connection with others who are called to this path will open the door to our future as a viable species. This is why Barbara Marx Hubbard refers to us as Generation One. We are the first generation of a new kind of human and I believe we have far more potential than we ever imagined. 

Common Voice has set a purpose to re-write the language of conscious evolution—including the 52 codes—in more accessible and understandable language. We will post the codes one at a time—first in Barbara Marx Hubbard’s words as they appear in her book, and then as we understand them. It’s important to understand that we are posting the codes as written by Ms. Hubbard with her permission, but that our explanations or translations are simply that—our words. We hope you’ll come to your own understandings. We welcome your comments, value your perspective, and hope our interpretations lead to an open dialog and a deeper understanding for us all. 

If you'd like to join the conversation, feel free to like the Common Voice page on Facebook.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013


I created this image today from a drawing I did last night, which I reworked in photoshop. I call it "Home."
For six years I've been working towards integration. An odd thing was happening, and I was somewhat aware of it but also somehow oblivious.

The pieces I've integrated that were eight years old or younger joined one aspect of me--an aspect I've been calling "the eight-year-old."
The piece I've integrated that were older have all joined another aspect of me--the one I simply think of as "me."

I say simply... but it is anything but.

These two remaining aspects of me have been battling recently--vying for the rights to all of me. I have really struggled recently, dissociating frequently when there has been almost no dissociation in my life for the last two years. I have felt a constant swarm of emotions and feel close to tears a good deal of the time.

I am responsible for myself. I am responsible for my happiness. If I'm unhappy than I am the one who needs to do something about it.

But who the hell am I??
One side blamed the other. Every bit of anxiety was proof that the other side was wrong. It's been approaching the ugliness and brutality of a presidential election...

Last night I finally gave in. When I say that, I mean both sides of me--all of me. I gave in to the fact that I have done all the right things to survive, and that without every part of who I've been I wouldn't have made it this far. The image above came into my mind. I closed my eyes and held up my hand--from both sides--and I felt the energy of the other
both sides of me felt the energy of the other.

I am moving towards that very uncomfortable part of integration in which I will feel two separate sets of emotions at the same time, in which I will think two separate stands of thoughts at once, in which the very confusing double motives and desires, likes and dislikes, will pull me in two ways at once. I've done it before. Both sides of me have lived through it before.

This time I think is the last. Accepting each other now is the final thing I have to do to become whole. I'm scared. I'm still fighting it just a little. From both sides, I feel a strong need to be in control. But... I don't really see any other way to move on with my life. We've shared this body all this time, so I guess it's time to share our mind, too. For a time I think it will be co-consciousness rather than true integration. Maybe it will always be that way. I can't really know from this side of the bridge what I'll find on the other side... but whatever happens, whatever this is... it feels like coming home.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Evolutionary Soup

(My experience during the eighth Generation One class - an intensive with Barbara Marx Hubbard. We were working on Code 36:

Guide the Metamorphosis of Your Earthly Self with the Coding of Your Universal Self.)

I closed my eyes, noticing the rush of excitement. Only a few times had our group of five attempted this kind of connection. On my own, I’d been a frequent visitor to that space which some called The Field. Making the voyage with others—beyond breath, beyond the darkness of closed eyes—was a relatively new experience. Each time, it seemed to get easier and the joy within greater.
A breath.
A breath.
Be open
A breath.
Whatever comes is exactly right
Despite my attempts to drop expectations, I found myself watching for the glimmer I’d seen before, and indeed the darkness did seem less absolute.
Another breath. A single blue line… and then another… and then a whole horizontal grid appeared just above my head.
Another breath. The azure web stretched beyond perception. I felt myself rising up, pushing into the blue lines, which folded over and around my head like an intangible net.
As I continued to rise into the grid, I saw it stretch at four other points as spheres rose up nearby. As each sphere stretched into an oblong, the net seemed to stretch and strain as light poured out. In the bright illumination, I saw the faces of the others.  Our five points of light were the angles of a star. The space between us was extremely bright and getting brighter as we continued to rise. Necks, shoulders, arms and bodies pushed up through the grid. By the time my legs and feet emerged, the light was so intense I found myself squinting even though my eyes were still closed.
I could hear the breath of the others. I felt energy all around me. Together, we seemed almost infinitely vast but also I was aware of how tiny I was within the endless Field. I put one hand on my heart, pulling the energy into that place that seemed to hold the physical essence of me, and extended the other hand out towards the other points of light. Powerful waves ran through me and outwards, connecting me to the others. We were five distinct beings and yet we were one.
“There’s movement… just wave after wave of pure love,” came from one point of our star.
Laughter poured forth from another. “It’s so bright!”
A third said, “I’m like a drop of water in this vast ocean—separate, but part of the whole.”
It wasn’t the first time I was reminded of the Five Elements—Water, Fire, Wind, Earth and the Void—and mused to say so and then to explain, “Movement is like Wind. Bright light is like Fire. And the drops of water are of course, Water.”
A little later, I asked, “If you three are Wind, Fire and Water, then who is Earth and who is the Void?”
Our fourth star-point chuckled. “I’m Earth,” he said, definitively.
“Ah,” I said, smiling. “Then I am the void.”
It seemed we’d joined hands across the miles that separated our physical forms. Love, joy, peaceful connection and calm reassurance blended into one emotion as we simply existed together. There was a long pause. In the silence, I thought of the nothingness of the void and the familiar sense of paradox crept in.
The void, which it seems should be nothing at all, holds the promise of everything. A moment before the Big Bang, the Universe would have seemed empty, but within that nothingness was everything that has ever been. In the void, all things are possible.
And then, suddenly, a wave of something else. Something… insistent.
“Does anyone else feel that? A shift? Like a sense of…urgency?”
 “Can you talk a bit more about that?” asked Wind.
“I don’t know… I just had the strangest thought. So strange, but I feel like I should say it. I felt as if I was a simmering broth just waiting for the perfect ingredients to create… something amazing.”
Fire said, “Put all the ingredients together into the void and you’d get… Evolutionary Soup!”

Light and joy and laughter came along with murmurs of  Evolutionary Soup. The time had come to step back from the squint-bright darkness, the sense of urgency, and the immeasurable joy of joining in the Field. That night and the following day, the physical world had many requests of me, but now, in the silence of another evening I wonder at the memory of that lovely blue grid, the infinite star, and the urgency of evolutionary soup.

Monday, August 12, 2013

What Does "Christ Consciousness" Mean to You?

Imagine you're a child in a schoolyard. You’re standing with a boy and a girl. The girl says, “This boy has a birthmark.”
“I do not!” the boy exclaims.
“Yes you do!” the girl throws back.
Maybe you say, “I don’t see a birthmark.”
The girl tells you, “That’s because it’s hidden under his clothes.”
What do you do now? Do you ask the boy yourself? Do you ask for proof that it isn’t there? Do you ask the girl how she knows about a hidden birthmark? Do you express indifference, saying what does it matter if someone has a birthmark?
No matter how you react to this situation, the possibility now exists for you that the boy may have a birthmark. It’s unlikely you ever considered the idea before, but now it is linked inside your head and this boy may pop up in your thoughts anytime you see someone with a birthmark.
It’s how our brains work. The more knowledge and experience we have, the better equipped we are to assimilate new information—BUT—the first thing we heard and learned carries a great deal more weight than those things that come later. If someone later told you the girl on the schoolyard was a liar, you might consider what she said to be false, but it’s likely you would have to hear from two or three people that the girl was prone to story-telling before you actually wrote the idea of the birthmark out of your mind.
If you grew up with Christ in your home, then you have a very distinct idea of what the word “Christ” symbolizes.
If you grew up without the word Christ in your home, but knew it to be a word others felt strongly about, then you may still have a very distinct—but different—idea of what the word symbolizes.
What if you (somehow) had never heard the word and had no idea what the religious or spiritual connotations might be? What if someone spoke to you of Christ Consciousness, and you could make it mean for you exactly what it meant for them?

For just this moment, try this experiment: Unravel the millions of times you’ve previously come across the word Christ. If you were hearing it for the first time, uttered in this phrase, “Christ Consciousness,” if the speaker had no power or intent to manipulate you, if your entire goal was to understand what the speaker actually meant by this term, what might it mean to you then?

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Co Creation
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