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Thursday, June 12, 2014

The Power is Yours

“You cannot solve a problem from the same consciousness that created it. You must learn to see the world anew.” Albert Einstein

A memory loop. 
A feeling of being “stuck”. 
You're struggling with an emotionally-charged issue and your own thoughts are screaming over any solution. 
Your mind pulses with old messages.
Thoughts run in circles. 
Insecurities scream. 
To avoid facing the pain your mind perceives, it moves into protection-mode. It tries to convince you the problem is unsolvable. It tells you you can't handle it. It says anything it can to get you to move away from the issue. If you believe these lies you bury your emotions under another layer of denial.
But the issue hasn't been solved. You become aware of your inability to take right action—or any action—and become frustrated. This added emotional charge convinces your mind that it was right. You can’t handle this, it says, and the cycle begins again. 
The rut becomes deeper.

It's time for a new perspective. Here it is:

You are so much more powerful than you've been led to believe.
You are so much more powerful than your mind can conceive. 

Like a computer, your physical brain follows preset patterns. It's working exactly as it's meant to. The problem isn’t your mind. 
It's what you're storing in it. 
Your brain is clogged with a plethora of emotionally-charged messages. You've been putting them in there your whole life. What you need is a good cleaning—a defrag and then a reboot.  

Don't forget:

You are so much more powerful than you've been led to believe.
You are so much more powerful than your mind can conceive. 

Your brain is cluttered with the refuse of your life—with every old message and emotion you haven't released. Like any good computer, your brain is equipped with a program to remove this clutter. You can run this program anytime you want. Yes, Dorothy, you've had the power all along. If you find yourself slogging along in slow circles, it's time. 

Oh, your mind may tell you it’s not possible. 
It may try to stop you. 
If you let it, your mind might self-protect you into permanent inaction. 
But, if you’re ready to go back to the kind of clarity you were born with—if you're tired of Oz and you want to go home, try this:

Close your eyes. 
Tell your mind to be quiet. 
Tell it again.
Keep telling it. 
Override the messages and images that blare forth until your mind finally gives in.
Now sit in stillness.  
And breathe.
That's it. 

Does a fish have awareness of the water it lives in? 
You live in an energy field. Light waves… sound waves… millions of bombarding bits of energy constantly envelop you. You're just so used to it you don't notice it anymore. But here, behind your closed eyes, in the stillness, you can become aware of that energy. 
Open to it. 
Feel it tingling on your skin. 
Pull it in with each breath. 
If your fear comes up again, let it. Give it a color. Step inside the fear and allow it engulf you. Notice the thoughts that feed it. Notice the thoughts that try to keep you from it. That's just your brain trying to protect you from your feelings. It doesn't understand that your feelings are normal—that you can handle it. 
Comfort your mind. 
Let it know that you have feelings—they don’t have you. 
Study your fear. 
Discover your rage. 
Let the tears come. 
There’s nothing else you have to do. 
Just breathe and let it happen. 
It really is that easy.

How long have you carried these feelings and thoughts? 
It may take that long again to remove it all from your system. 
Don't let that discourage you. 
With each little bit you release, your mind becomes clearer. As you gradually come to trust the process, it will get easier. You will come to know that you are safe even in your strongest emotional state. 
You are always safe. 
Then, as new emotional issues arise, you can walk right through them instead of storing them away. You can take them in stride without judging them. They are not good or bad, they just are and you don't have to carry them around with you. 

Your mind is amazing. It can do so many things but it isn't completely aware of it's abilities or it's limitations. It is a wonderful tool but it isn't you. 
You can take charge.
You can handle it. 
You can use your breath and the calm voice of your own inner wisdom to guide you through the painful parts of life. 

The power has always been yours. 

Co Creation

Co Creation
We create the life we live

Love your inner child...

...for she holds the key...

...to your personal power.
A lesson is woven into each day.
Together they make up the tapestries of our lives.