************************************Denial covers the pain of the past * A blanket over the world * Lift a corner * Don't be afraid * Your life awaits you*************************************

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Spirit Walk

How long have you tumbled
Small, smooth, and sand-colored
Turning over and under
While each surge carries you closer to your destiny?

How many lifetimes since you were sun-warmed and dry,
As you passed through fathoms and eons just to end up in my hand?

Ego-drunk and life-blind
I might have stepped right over you

But that which seemed important
Moments ago
Falls behind perspective’s shadow
And inner light shines meaning onto random, toppling stones

Co Creation

Co Creation
We create the life we live

Love your inner child...

...for she holds the key...

...to your personal power.
A lesson is woven into each day.
Together they make up the tapestries of our lives.