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Monday, August 12, 2013

What Does "Christ Consciousness" Mean to You?

Imagine you're a child in a schoolyard. You’re standing with a boy and a girl. The girl says, “This boy has a birthmark.”
“I do not!” the boy exclaims.
“Yes you do!” the girl throws back.
Maybe you say, “I don’t see a birthmark.”
The girl tells you, “That’s because it’s hidden under his clothes.”
What do you do now? Do you ask the boy yourself? Do you ask for proof that it isn’t there? Do you ask the girl how she knows about a hidden birthmark? Do you express indifference, saying what does it matter if someone has a birthmark?
No matter how you react to this situation, the possibility now exists for you that the boy may have a birthmark. It’s unlikely you ever considered the idea before, but now it is linked inside your head and this boy may pop up in your thoughts anytime you see someone with a birthmark.
It’s how our brains work. The more knowledge and experience we have, the better equipped we are to assimilate new information—BUT—the first thing we heard and learned carries a great deal more weight than those things that come later. If someone later told you the girl on the schoolyard was a liar, you might consider what she said to be false, but it’s likely you would have to hear from two or three people that the girl was prone to story-telling before you actually wrote the idea of the birthmark out of your mind.
If you grew up with Christ in your home, then you have a very distinct idea of what the word “Christ” symbolizes.
If you grew up without the word Christ in your home, but knew it to be a word others felt strongly about, then you may still have a very distinct—but different—idea of what the word symbolizes.
What if you (somehow) had never heard the word and had no idea what the religious or spiritual connotations might be? What if someone spoke to you of Christ Consciousness, and you could make it mean for you exactly what it meant for them?

For just this moment, try this experiment: Unravel the millions of times you’ve previously come across the word Christ. If you were hearing it for the first time, uttered in this phrase, “Christ Consciousness,” if the speaker had no power or intent to manipulate you, if your entire goal was to understand what the speaker actually meant by this term, what might it mean to you then?

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