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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Daddy's Girl

There are things that never were
Things I'll never see
How do I forgive the things
That can never be?

The Shadow of That Which Never Was


  1. Very powerful words to go with an equally powerful image.

  2. i told a friend of mine once that when i think of the man my dad could have been, i always had that image in my head you know, who he could have been had he gotten help, recovered, become healthy. someone safe. someone happy.

    well, when i thought of this, i pictured a pair of empty mens shoes on the floor in a closet. shoes that he could never fill. and i realized they would always be empty.

    but my friend said something nice to me in that moment, and i don't know if this will bring you any comfort or not. or if it's codependent of me to be telling you this :)

    but she said, yes, those shoes will never be filled. at least not by him. but in other ways, by other people those shoes might start to fill day by day, as i meet other people, safe people, who are able to give me the safe love, positive role modeling, and that sort of thing a healthy parent would give. and that helped me.

    so now i picture those shoes not even as shoes anymore even, they are no longer meant for him. now that i try to imagine what's there in my psyche, i picture something else, like a treasure box where i've put little things that each person who has come along during my path of healing has contributed something. a flower here, a healing stone there~~

  3. Mountainmama, that was an absolutely awesome and powerful comment and suggestion.

    I'm going to meditate on these images.

    Thank you.

  4. oh good, i'm so glad :)

  5. The real you in the grass (cast in the shadow of the tree) dreaming about what should have been with a loving daddy taking care of his daughter.

    Thanks dear for sharing visually here!



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