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Friday, June 25, 2010

Beach Fun

Smell the coffee
A last few gurgles as it drips into the pot
Morning music

Pick up shovels, boards, towels
Do you have the key?

In and out of shade on the boardwalk
See the golfer staring out across the green
A ball dropping
A satisfied smile

Steady breeze
Life seasoned with sea salt
Scorching sand
Merciful shade under a colorful umbrella

The water is close
Powerful waves reaching up to touch towels and take sandals
The beach is vast
The rushing water a background noise to the laughing gulls

Either way
In the sand or in the waves
Or doze over a story that carries you away
But notice, from time to time, exactly where you are

Sand covers you in a gritty layer
And creeps into everything
Determined to tag along for the walk back

Cool AC and colder beer
Eyes closed under the luke-warm shower
Run your hand through your hair
Grateful to be clean and dry

Another perfect day
On Kiawah

My beach chair

Sand Crab Sculpture from a couple days ago

Dolphin Sculptures I made in the sand yesterday
with the help of my daughter and my inner six-year-old


  1. Fantastic prose/poem. Created wonderful pictures and sensations especially the coffee. :-)

    I absolutely love the dolphin. May I use that picture on my blog in the future?

    Take care,

  2. HI SHEN-

    Great words to start the day with wonderful intent. Amazing pictures of fun on the beach - I am SO glad you are in vacation mode. :-) "YAY"!!!

    Love to you
    peace and hope.....

  3. Clueless,
    thank you - and yes, you can use the picture. :-)

    Gail, I am so glad to finally be moving into the real feel of vacation. This half-life sensation carried on for days, and if it had ocntinued throughout the trip I would have been really sad at what I missed.
    Regret is such an awful thing... and these days with my family are so important that I would truly regret it if I felt that I had missed any of it.

  4. so glad you're enjoying your trip! and your dolphins are amazing! (to you, your daughter and your six year old self)

    thanks for sharing your photos and poem~ i would love to go to a beach but i don't see it happening anytime soon. but today thanks to you, i felt like i kind of got to go a little bit :)

    hugs to you~~

  5. I hope you find some good rocks. Some need to be thrown back for more waves just so you know. Very important. You will know which ones.

  6. Hi Katie,

    I'm glad if you could enjoy the beach vicariously for a bit. Thanks for what you said about the dolphin - it is soo much fun to play in the sand.

    Michael - I felt warm all over when I read that. I love that idea. I will find some rocks and I will know which ones need to be thrown. Thank you for that.
    And I will find one to bring home - and I will know when I find it.


  7. Wow! Amazing sculptures! And what a wonderful poem. I felt like I was there. Thanks for the "vacation." Hugs.


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