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Friday, August 20, 2010

In The Meadow

In the meadow
They come forward
Exactly what they need
In the palm of my hand


  1. Oh Shen!!

    This is so amazing. I love it so much. xoxo

    How did you make this? Did you join polyvore it looks like something that could be made there.

    I adore your art, it really speaks to me.

  2. that's wonderful :) sounds like you're meeting your own needs and taking care of yourself.

    i'm happy for you all~

  3. Hi Vicki
    No, I don't know what polyvore is... I use photo images (uploaded and found) as well as drawings (which I scan) and then put them all together in photoshop. I had the entire idea in my head and just searched for or created images to fit what I was aiming for. Thank you for "adoring" :-)

    Katie, yes, I'm trying to meet my own needs. This is part of the idea of re-parenting my inner child/children. Creating images like this one helps me integrate the concept in my mind.

    Thank you Michael :-)


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