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Monday, September 13, 2010


A story from my sponsor. I don't believe it's hers... just something that gets passed around twelve-step meetings. If anyone knows who's idea this was originally, please let me know.

What would you do if someone gave you 89,000 dollars tomorrow and you had to use it all tomorrow, but then you would get another 89,000 dollars the next day, and the next and the next for the rest of your life?

You can't keep any of it, you can't invest it or save it, but you are going to have enough to do ANYTHING you want, for as long as you live.

Would you make a down payment on a jet? Take trips to the far corners of the earth? Donate to charities that are close to your heart?

So, just think about that for a few minutes before you read on. Really try to imagine what choices you would make if money was not an issue ever again. What things would become important when money and cost became irrelevant?

Now… here’s the twist.

Why 89,000 you might ask?

There are 89,000 seconds in a day.
Today you were given 89,000 seconds to use up. You can’t save them, get them back or roll them over for the next day, but tomorrow you will get another 89,000 seconds… and the next day and the next day for as long as you live.

We take time for granted. Because it feels limitless, we squander it and can’t appreciate the real gift it is.

What are you going to do with your 89,000 seconds tomorrow?


  1. I'm going to pay more attention to my share lengths and try not to talk for more than 5 min. - It will be good practice to say more with less - I tend to be wordy and need to work on that.
    Interesting enough we finished with 10min left on friday AND ur comment was exactly what my Sponsor said regarding the member cutting me off.
    It's cool - good lesson - and I like a challenge everyday.

  2. What a great question and post. I like the money part, but it is about what we do with our time.

    I will try to be more mindful or myself and God. Activity wise I will travel (80 miles) to my psychiatrist and therapist, nap, spend time with my husband, eat, routine activities.

    Try to let myself just be and not be defended as much.

    Help my friend with arrangements for her father's funeral and provide support.

    Smile and interact with others that come my way.

  3. If it was money the priorities would stay the same but the activities would differ. I could start purchasing properties that could be rented in perpetuity to solve Australia's housing crisis for instance.

  4. hi shen! i don't think your life is strange at all. it's full of meaning and your journeys, inward and outward, your love for your children, your learning about life and yourself, and finding peace.

    not strange, though certainly not always easy~

    thanks for the 89,000 thought. how beautiful! my first thought was of giving it away :)

    wishing you well!

  5. Wow, what a profound question to ponder - it really makes me think! I squander so much of my time avoiding what I really need to do.. thanks for that little gem (smile).

    Hope your days keep improving, hon, one second at a time.

  6. This is the truth. I would form a corporation and buy the stock and the price would be $8.90 and there would be 10,000 shares. The next day I would split the stocks and buy them at $4.45. etc. This corporation would invest in another corporation.

    Interesting. that is a good analogy for how I became multiple.

  7. All I could think of was how I could support and make the dreams of all my family members come true! Pay off everyone's mortgage and debts. It would be wonderful. The gist I guess is that i need to spend more time with family. In-laws, brother, grandparents. All of them

  8. I've moved forward A LOT since my first comment on this post - The first comment was 'cheeky' and not Germane to the Topic - I was admonished on My Blog for my first comment and used this admonishment as an opportunity for self growth - 89,000 seconds and how would I use them ? It is surely a conundrum . Fortunately , though , all answers all acceptable - it as as you stated a query to help us understand and appreciate how important our time is - it is a query and an opportunity for more self growth.

    Thank you for posing such an interesting thought provoking idea .


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