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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Putting the U in Universe

In our lives, we know only our tiny piece of the puzzle

If we really pay attention
- really work at living consciously and being aware -
we may begin to see other tiny pieces of life that exist nearby

And maybe we will become aware of the layers
- the pieces that exist in a pattern of life beyond the dimension we see and hear and feel  -

But even if we could see it all

We couldn't know what we were seeing

It is an unfathomable incredible immensity

We would get lost in the intricacy of the infinite possibilities

There are things we can try to imagine
Things we can't possibly know
And he colors of the infinite universe are made up of both

Night and Day
Black and White
Good and Evil
Me and Not Me

All of that duality is part of the illusion

An illusion woven into a pattern of infinite immensity
Perfectly balanced
Unbearably wonderful
With layers made of every shade
Of every color

Layers so densely packed they fill every speck in the universe

but if you could pull the layers apart


And if you looked very carefully


You might find a tiny shape


Which seems familiar
You are there
Inside that pattern of perfection.

You are part of it

And it can't exist without you

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  1. Shen. Thank you so much for this! It is incredibly moving. As I was scrolling through, I was imagining it as a movie. It's vert compelling! So true! Thank you!


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