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Monday, February 28, 2011

Brene' Brown and Vulnerability

This is a really good talk on vulnerability and why it is at the core of what we (all of us who are trying to find ourselves, who are in therapy, who are dealing with life from a point of view of reality) struggle with.
Brene' Brown on Vulnerability

Especially intereresting to me was the part about numbing. We can't numb out the pain without also numbing out the joy. That's the crux of it. If you have twenty minutes, this Brene' Brown is very funny and serious and has a message I believe we all need to hear (a few times).


  1. Hope it's a good session.

    I advocate small steps. Perhaps you can begin the touch with shaking hands or something else that feels safe.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this...just what I needed to hear today. Brene Brown is indeed a kindred spirit...and you are too.

    I have the Youtube video bookmarked and plan to listen again...her words are definitely worth some thoughtful reflection.

    I've been feeling quite hopeless about some ways I am in the world that feel so entrenched, coping mechanisms that have outlived their usefulness/ways that I numb myself...listening to this today brought some light into my discouragement.

    Thank you again for sharing this, Shen. Wishing you healing and peace.

  3. Evan - it was a really good session. My head is spinning from all we went over. I still feel myself fighting the idea of "being held" (see, I have to put it in quotes - haha) but it may get better in time. As you said, small steps.

    On Sunday, I have another massage with the therapist I've worked with before - she is a licensed therapist who does massage to help with exactly this kind of thing.

    Katrina, I'm so glad you liked the video. I watched it again today, too. There is a lot there, more than I could get in one listen - and she is a great story-teller, which makes it fun to watch.

    I'm sorry you are feeling hopeless. We do outgrow those coping strategies... and maybe that's a good thing. Life shouldn't always be about coping and surviving. I'm beginning to see that vulnerability is a key I've had in my pocket... and I've been afraid to take it out.

    Today C said something like "Think of all the people you most love and respect in the world. They are almost certainly the ones who allow themselves to be vulnerable around you."

    It's true - we all feel safer when someone else allows themself to be vulnerable - to be authentic and real and show their true feelings - but it is still so very hard to do it. I would like to get past that... I hope we both can figure that one out.

  4. It was good to read today's post and the comments other readers have left. I think everyone feels vulnerable/exposed emotionally at times and our natural instinct is to 'seal' ourselves off as protection. In healthy relationships built on mutual respect, trust and consideration, we feel a lot safer and this makes it easier to expose the most vulnerable aspects of ourselves.

  5. Clicking on Live Life in feed reader lead me to a page saying the post didn't exist.


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