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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Writing Exercise

This Sunday's weekly (well, almost weekly - I missed last week) writing assignment may be a little harder than the previous ones. At least, I found it to be more challenging. I'm anxious to see what you can do with it... I'll be posting the submissions along with my "solution" on Tuesday.

Here it is:

Think of a recent interaction you've had with someone else. It could be anyone from a family member to the person behind the cash register at the grocery store. Spend about ten minutes writing about the interaction from your point of view. Next, spend about ten minutes writing about the same interaction from the other person's point of view.

Obviously, you can't know everything the other person saw, felt, or thought, but trying to imagine it can bring up some interesting insights.

Good luck!


On a side note...

As I've geen working through my feelings about my son's "coming out" last weekend, so many feelings and thoughts have come up. I want to share this one with you: 

While driving in my car, a fun and happy song came on the radio. I don't know what it's called, but I may be able to find it and put up a link, later. Anyway, this song is what they call, "unplugged"  - no electric guitars or electronics involved. In fact, most of the music comes from a single vocalist and a ukulele, with a drum beat in the background.

The song was uplifting. It just made me smile to hear it, and as I thought about that, a sentence popped into my head. 

You can't play the blues on a ukulele. 

At first this seemed pretty funny. I actually laughed out loud, alone in my car. Then, I began to see a very profound meaning behind those absurd words, and so I will leave you with this:

We all have to be who we are in order to make the music we are meant to make. 


  1. "You can't play the blues on a ukulele."

    Love this...your unconscious mind is wise and also has quite a sense of humor!

    I've been getting so much out of your recent posts; one of these days will have to try one of your writing exercises.

    You write with such sensitivity and insight...can't help wondering if there is a book coming out of your healing journey in the future...some day when the time is right.

    also wanted to say that your son is blessed to have caring parents that love and affirm him for who he is. I also have young adult children (six of them!), and can put myself in your shoes. I so much want to be the parent that each of my children needs, and at times my own brokenness and lack of a model have gotten in the way of that desire...but I keep on, loving them imperfectly. Your love and care for your son shows clearly through your words.


  2. This is a great exercise! I wanted to do it but then I thought... I spend all my growing up year having to put myself in someone elses shoes instead of concentrating on my own feelings ... I think for me personally, I have to become real angry and sad for myself ...
    but anyway, I think this exercise is awesome. Especially for people who have difficulty seeing the other persons point of view.

  3. So true, Shen. Your exercise sounds very cool. I can hardly wait for your "solution." Good luck with the writing!

  4. HI SHEN

    dropped in to say "hi" and Happy Spring to you. Fascinating news about your son. I am happy he told you. Great relief in truth. Not sure if I will get to this writing exercise.
    Keep on keeping on
    Love Gail

  5. You probably could play Bright Side of the Road.

    I do know what you mean.

  6. OH! I see your Sunday post is still up! Does this mean we can still submit our efforts?

    I HAVETO make supper now!!! Time has run right away from me...I will come back when I've finished up as I want to read this post...I haven't done more than skim it cursorily (is that even a word?) now!

    See you again, soon, I promise!

  7. This is the song that made me think this - it just makes me smile.


  8. I've finally had a chance to 'study' Sunday's writing exercise...nothing AT ALL has popped into my head!

    Sitting here, thinking...still nothing! I'm wondering though...does this mean I'm an empty vessel?

    I think I'm going to chicken out on attempting this one.

    I agree fully with you that we each have to dance to our own drumbeat, but from now on, I'll quote your saying..."You can't play the blues on a ukulele" :)

  9. Shen I love the idea of writing prompts! Thank you so much!


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