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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Writing Exercise Submissions

Thanks Gail, for submitting a story for Sunday's writing prompt. I also received two others but then both authors changed their minds and asked me not to print their pieces.

I'm thinking the instructions were confusing. The idea was to select certain words from an email and use them in the story. Complete instructions are HERE).

Here is Gail's submission, followed by mine.

Some small thoughts were racing though her mind when the request was made that she take sides with him. Him!! The man who hurt her terribly now must be an ally with her as they face the task of escape. She stood firm in place and looked around and boldly said - give me a moment.

by Gail

The words in my emails were:


I call my story, "Embarassment at Sea"

“Whoa!” someone in the gathering crowd exclaimed. “Is it true?”

Pointing to a distant yellow speck, I repeated the exciting news. “There’s the alien ship!”

Passengers and crew stared out to sea. A Steward asked, “How do you know it’s a UFO?”

“I heard a transmission on my Ipod. It said, ‘May Day, we’re crashing on Planet Earth‘. ”

The crowd grew silent. The Steward furrowed his brow. “The transmission was in English?”

Somewhere between the excitement and the three tequila sunrises,
I hadn’t thought of that.

Two boys pushed their way through the crowd. “Do you see it?” One asked.

The other nodded, then pulled out a walkie-talkie., “Dad,” he screamed into the device. “Frankie lost my rocket!”

 The crowd broke up. The boys walked away. The Steward remained, staring at me. All I could say was, “Sorry.”

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  1. Hi Shen!

    You will understand my absence these past few days I'm sure :) My heart was not up to blogging at all.

    It was interesitng & enjoyable reading your and Gail's efforts for this week's writing exercise. I'm so glad I withdrew mine!

    I hope you're settling down happily after your wonderful holiday and that you will carry the beneficial effects for a long time :)


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