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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Earliest Memory Writing Exercise

I'm excited about this week's exercise! The assignment is to write about your earliest memory, and this exercise calls for you to write in first person and present tense. So, if your memory comes from age three, you should write it from the perspective of a three year old telling you what they are doing right now.

Example: I'm going downstairs to find my tricycle. Mommy is holding my hand. I'm glad because I don't like going down these stairs by myself.

Writing a memory in present tense can be a very powerful experience. Sometimes, I've found that I relive the emotions attached the memory, so be prepared for this possibility. I've also found that processing memories in this way helps me not only identify but also move through the emotions from the past. One of the most interesting thing I've found about processing old memories in any way is that while the memory itself becomes more ingrained, it helps to dissolve the negative emotions (fear, anger, shame) and at the same time strengthen the positive ones (like connection, love, pride). I believe it comes from experiencing the child-emotions in an adult way, but that is only my own thoughts.

I hope you enjoy this week's exercise. Post your submission in the comments. I will remove the comments as they come in, and then put up all submissions along with minei, n a new post, on Tuesday.


Interesting link for those with DID:
Brain Differences in DID/MPD patients
Any idea what the implications are?

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