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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Leaves of a Day

First light is winter-empty and bare.
Roll over
Look at the clock
Yesterday’s reruns spatter life’s branches.

Morning’s sleepy reflection is older than expected.
An accidental dose of startling honesty
Pull the veil back in place
Race into another day
Before the first swallow of morning brew—hot, strong, sweet—cover reality in a thousand sprouts of springtime green, soft as a baby’s cheek.
Buds pop
Leaves open
Windswept branches sway

Mid-day is covered with dense, verdant foliage.
A short shopping list
An overdue phone call
A silly Facebook game
Faster still, if only to hold the madness away. Ignore the tick-tock and the belly’s clench. An intolerable lull could reveal a sting in your eyes or a small, involuntary gasp.
Focus on a fantasy-future as daylight slips by unnoticed.

Russet leaves disguise evening’s passion.  
Connection hides beneath distraction
Sincerity under sarcasm
Authenticity behind repression’s mask
The caress of a warm, damp cloth can’t wipe it clean but still
Lifts intensity from another day.

Night’s branches rustle under a black-satin gown.
Leaves dry
Sweep them from the pillow and pull the covers high against night’s chill.
Eyes closed
Breath deep
But the mind holds fast to one last luminous twinkling.
Wasn’t there something?
Something more
A meant-to-be knowing missed in the flurry. A door hangs ajar, a choice stirring in a restless mind. Turn towards it?
Step in?
Allow that small, innermost child to walk helpless
Through grief’s blaze?
Or give in to sleep’s sweet escape as the day’s final leaf falls.  

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Co Creation
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