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Monday, February 8, 2010

Chimera Survival

The defiant one
Jaw set and arms folded
Stares at her door
As the lock clicks open

The compliant one
Peace exuding from her eyes
Turns the knob
Of her identical door

Two steps beyond
Two newly opened doors
Strength and surrender
Now stand together

Will ever-sought stillness
And coveted control
Finally be found
As two become one?


  1. wishing you peace in everything you are going through lately~

  2. Hi-

    powerful words - intentional.

    and I have come to know that surrender requires much courage, faith and strength. It is the beginning of a 'new direction'.

    Love and hope
    peace to you

  3. Thank you both for commenting here, and thank you to everyone who has been around the last few days. I have been reading all the comments and they have all helped...

    I'm a little better today than yesterday. Doing my fourth step has brought up so much, and I am in the middle of so much more in therapy right now. In addition, a "friend" in the real world hurt my feelings on Friday, and something my brother did really hurt my feelings over the weekend.

    Yes, I am overly sensitive right now, but it was just more than I could handle.

    I'm doing my fifth step wed.
    I hope to get some relief, after that.

  4. goodness, that sounds like a difficult weekend. i'm sorry you've had stress on top of stress.

    i hope you feel better soon~

    sending peaceful wishes your way~~

  5. I love this. I hope you made it to do your fifth step. I hope you write about it sometime.

    Thanks for your sharing on my blog. I always get so much from your comments.

  6. Thanks again, Katie.

    Kathy, the fifth step is tomorrow. It's been snowing here all day, but it is looking like its going to stop in time for me to go tomorrow. I know that's a good thing, I want to be done with this, but I am getting very nervous again.

  7. What an image you have painted in my mind with these words. Praying things are getting better for you.

  8. I did not know what the steps were so I looked them up.

    Scary comes to mind.

    Wishing you the relief you deserve and are earning.


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