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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Door in the Floor

This video is short and powerful. The person who shared it with me called it, "The door in the floor", which of course I had to look into. Doors have been an integral part of my healing recently. I swear I saw that title somewhere when I first went to see the video, as well, but now I can't find any word around it except "forgiveness". So, if you can clear that up for me, I would appreciate it!

I suppose there are a multitude of possible doors, and my goal is to open them all.


  1. Hi-

    the video ws so powerful and so moving. "thank you" for posting it

    Love Gail

  2. Shen, Oh My Gosh! What a rivetting video. I even got tears in my eyes. So very powerful.

  3. hi shen,

    what a powerful video, i was instantly in tears.

    but i actually stopped crying when he held up the card that said he forgave his father. i still have trouble with this idea and do not think that we can't be healed unless we forgive. i think we can heal, and if forgiveness happens also, that can feel very good, but i don't think it's a requirement.

    but that's me personally. i know forgiveness has been important to you and it has really made me think about my beliefs, reading your journey.

    oh, and i didn't see anything about "door in the floor" either. but it sounded familiar, so i googled that phrase and there is a 2004 movie that was called that. it's about a rocky marriage. i don't know if that means anything, but here's a link to a description of the movie if you're interested:


    wishing you peace~ this is a beautiful post. thank you~

  4. Shen,
    Thank you so much for sharing this very powerful video. And for wanting to open all the doors, you are so brave. I always find things get so much harder for me after I make a declaration like you have here.
    I wonder if this is why you are struggling so much now. Stay strong, your foundation is sure.


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