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Monday, January 10, 2011


Ever falling,
While memory images project
Onto the dusky walls
Down and down
A desolation so deep it steals my breath
Goodbye sister
I was sure you’d never, ever leave me
But remember how you walked away
Down and down
The back steps, and right out of my childhood?
Fade now, Father
I release your familiar icon
Arms wide open, lips and eyes cast
Down and down
Away from that which will never be mine
Journey’s end calls
What of that often dreamt of escape?
Will flesh, love and lessons be buried
Down and down
Significance covered, all relevance gone?
Where is the gain?
I can't acquire anything new to the infinite
What meaning can it possibly have
Down and down
Beyond the lives and loves I understand?


  1. That is quite a question.

    Perhaps the infinite we find at the bottom is enough.

  2. This is so sad, filled with pain. Sometimes you have to let go hon, no matter how much it hurts - perhaps it's the only way to move on - and up? (hugs)

  3. HI SHEN-

    holding you close through your grief.
    Love Gail

  4. Maybe it is, Evan... and maybe it just isn't mine to know, right now.

    Yes - Shrinky I'm trying to understand how to move on. I am starting to know what that means to me - which is not what it might mean to anyone else.

    Thank you Gail... peace


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