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Thursday, April 30, 2009


Riding Again

Hopelessness – a pervasive presence
Both fragile and resilient
Inside this box
Relentless Despair
Silent intensity and dissonance

Flat line – a subway locomotive
Gradually moves back
To the sky-scraping heights
And unforgivable depths
Of the roller coaster track


  1. So you are no longer taking any mood-stabilizers? I was on welbutrin for years but then DT said I shouldn't take it because of my ED. I've been on lamictal for a year but I don't really know that it's helping. In fact, PDOC tried to inc my dose just last week. I don't think i'm going to comply with that. I felt better on the welbutrin. AND I have experienced excruciating headaches the past year. I thought it was due to the trauma/dissociation - but maybe it is from the lamictal....

  2. Grace, I am currently on wellbutrin and seroquel. The seroquel works to help me sleep, and as a mood stabelizer. I feel much better on seroquel, even though I take a miniscule amount
    (25 mgs). I think the fact that I sleep almost every night now is the biggest part of why the seroquel works, but I believe it does cut back on the range my run. I still have highs and lows, but I don't seem to have sky-scraper heights and bottomless pits.
    Of course it's impossible to know how much of this is the seroquel and how much is all the work I've been doing in therapy.


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