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Thursday, July 30, 2009


Last year, after I incorporated the first set of lost memories from my childhood, I did not feel relief, nor did I have a sense of accomplishment. Instead, I had a strong sense that this was only the beginning.

This image came into my head, and to me it seemed to illustrate a feeling that I was just waiting to drown in all that was coming my way.

When my eleven-year-old daughter saw this drawing, she said, "The girl will float up to the top, and when it gets full, she'll swim out."

I do believe she's right.


  1. Shen,

    Isn't it absolutely amazing how you and I can look at this and say there's no way out. Then an 11 year old can look at it and simply say "You'll just swim out"?

    How wonderful. We have so much to learn from kids. Your short story just proves that to me.

    And those of us with little ones inside, this is also true.

    What a great image. And great solution.


  2. what a powerful image to express how overwhelmed and scary things must be feeling for you lately.

    one thing this image evokes in me is the idea that it must have taken so much work to build that stone structure to keep you safe in the ocean. like the defense mechanisms we create in our childhoods which protect us through those traumas, but when we grow older fail to continue to make us feel safe. instead those inner walls threaten to come crashing down, or the walls themselves no longer feel protective, but feel isolating and confusing sometimes.

    it seems time for a new structure to help you through these waters. that stone one just isn't secure anymore. you need a boat, maybe? something to be able to navigate above the surface of the water, to sail safely to solid earth, so that you won't feel overwhelmed anymore by the force of the tides.

    i wish you all the best~ hugs~~

  3. Yes, Paul, it is amazing to me as well, when I see things through the eyes of a child. I also try to look at the inner children as I would my own children - with compassion and love.

    MMM, I've been out a lot, myself, lately. My sister was visiting so I haven't been online much. She just left a few minutes ago and I miss her already.
    I really like your idea of a boat. I may create that image at some point. It's a good thing to keep in mind that we are not really trapped inside those walls of our own creation.


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